How to use Offers to Attract More Visitors

We all know sales are the lifeblood of any business. Sales promotions can be one of the best tools for getting new customers to try your service and also retaining existing customers and increasing your income from them. Use promotions to encourage customers to try out new services or increase number of their visits.


Have you thought about increasing your sales by creating promotions?

Here are some ideas you can use to entice your customers to visit you more often and to get new know to know about your business:

  • Free premiums – give additional free services after the initial one.

  • Time-based deals – offer discounts applicable to those quiet periods like early mornings or afternoons.

  • New service or products – Introduce them first to your customers by inviting them exclusive access for a period of time.

  • “Stock clearance” – Make a limited number of your services available at a cheaper price.

  • Loyalty giveaways like “the 10th visit is free” for example.

It is always important to remember that no matter what your promotion is about, they should always be limited on time and number, this way you will not only create a lot of excitement and interest among the customers but also a sense of urgency to be the first one to benefit from your promotions.

If you are using or Marketplace for your business, you can create promotions anytime within minutes.

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