Customer Engagement

The system gathers information about your customers automatically
Communicate and build loyalty with customers and boost revenue

Customer Details

Having customer contact information and marketing permissions is a key part of marketing. Our system automatically collects it including their email and SMS marketing permissions. WIth it you can build strong and lasting relationship with customers.

Booking History

Keep details each of your customers up to date that books online. You can see the value of booking for each customer;  see history of their bookings,  how often they book and their latest bookings.

Booking Notes

You may want to add notes when adding a new booking, for e.g. “Customer is a first time customer”.  Our system makes it easy with the notes field in the booking form.

Customer Invite

With one single click invite Customers to your Booking Page aka Free mini-website.  Add customers data and send these invites anytime even one customer at a time.

Auto Fill

When existing customers call to book, our system pre-fills their information when you add the booking manually. The customer will get confirmation and impressed that you remember their details!

Share Promotions

Run occasional promotions anytime. Create and share promotions with existing customers with a single click.

One click to engage your customers.

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required.