Customer Engagement

Gather information about your customers automatically
Communicate and build loyalty with customers and boost revenue

Customer Details

Having accurate customer contact information is a key step in building strong and lasting relationship with customers. Hakema automatically collects and store customer name, email address and mobile phone number and any other Info required.

Booking History

Hakema keeps you up to date with each of your customers that books online. Showing you the importance of each and every customer; by giving full history of their bookings, showing how often they book appointments and their latest bookings.

Booking Notes

You may want to add notes when adding a new booking, for e.g. “Customer is a first time customer”. Hakema makes it easy with the notes field in the booking form.

Customer Invite

With one single click you will be able to invite Customers to your booking page via email and SMS and at the same time adding them to your Database in Hakema.

Auto Fill

There are times when existing customers call to book. When you add their booking, Hakema pre-fills their information. The customer will get confirmation and impressed that you remember them.

Share Promotions

You may run occasional promotions. In Hakema, you can create and share promotions with existing customers with a single click.

You’re one click away from engaging with your customers.

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required. No fixed term contract.

Hakema has worked very well and I have received rapid support when needed. My customers have given me great feedback about the easiness of online booking, and the possibility to book a time when it best suits them.
MiiaOwner, Beauty Salon Magnolia