Basic Elements of your Digital Presence

Welcome to the digital world of today. It is essential that we business people learn more about it as all of us are spending more and more time with it. Here are the some basic elements of your digital presence to get started –

✓ Have a Website that sells: Do you see your website as a digital business card or your digital storefront, perhaps later. Make sure online visitors can find what they are looking.

✓ Mobile-friendly Website. Can your visitors see your website from a mobile device? Try it yourself, if you cannot navigate through the pages or see the information quickly you should update it.

✓ Contact email. Make sure you have a dedicated email address that your clients can use to contact you, ideally it would have the same domain as your website name, giving you a more professional look and will help you to keep separate your business from your personal life.

Also some “Nice to have” elements

✓ Customer emails list.  This is probably the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to stay in touch with your customers. You can create several lists, for those regular customers, or those who visited you for the first time and send them information for e.g. what’s going on in your business, offers. There are many free tools available, we like mailchimp and mailjet for their easy to use interface and free monthly plans for small business.

✓ Social networks profiles. Surely you are on Facebook, perhaps on Twitter or even Pinterest and foursquare. These are just some of the many social networks your customers visit every day. By creating a profile for your business and posting information about what is going on you´ll increase your chances of getting in front of their eyes more often.

Please keep in mind, less is more. Don’t try to be in all the social networks, it can be very time-consuming, choose the ones that better suit your business and make sure you post regularly.

Blog. Want to share with your customers the latest news about your business, trends, fashions or anything of interest about then? Create a blog section in your website to keep those visitors coming more often. We like WordPress, is free and very simple to use.

✓ Directories Listings. If you have a great website, a presence on the social networks, you post in your blog and write emails to your clients, take it up one notch and get all the visibility you can for your business.

There is literally hundreds of websites of all types offering information in many ways, Hakema Marketplace is a good way to start, but did you know you can claim your business in google, via google+ or reviews sites like tripadvisor, yelp or foursquare. Just visit your profile in this websites and make sure they offer all the possible information about your business.

Start a free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required. No fixed term contract.

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