Marketing & Promotions

Marketing made simple for service providers

Market your services, send automated follow-ups, create & share promotions

Small business owners may not have enough time and skills to market you. Our marketing engine is exactly what you need, marketing with cruise control.

Easy Promotions

Sometimes when there are few bookings and slow sales; with our marketing engine, one can create several promotional offers for e.g.  10€ OFF. Limit your promotions to specific days, specific hours and an expiration day.

Share Offers

Easily create and share your promotions on Social Media without leaving your Hakema account. You can also send promotions to your customers in your customer database via Email and SMS to keep them coming back.

Email Campaigns

Promotions play an important role in attracting customer, new and old. We make it simple for you to send Email Campaigns right from Hakema, with need for any fancy email tools. With smart marketing permissions, the campaings are sent to only who agreed.

SMS Campaigns

SMS promotions are definitely not a thing of the past; they are still effective till date. Easily create and share your promotions via SMS right from Hakema, with click of a button. With our smart marketing permissions, SMS is only delivered to those who agreed.

Automated Marketing

With our platform, put your marketing on cruise control.  Automaticaly our system can send customized follow-up emails and SMS periodically, for example after 10 weeks since last appointment, or every two weeks from the last booking. Of course we ensure customer permissions are honoured.

Free Mini-Website

If you don’t have a website, No problem! comes with a Free Mini-Website which includes your contact information, services, reviews, booking and promotions. It works well on mobiles and is also optimised for search engines like Google and Bing.

Invite your customers

With, you can easily add all your existing customers and invite them to your online booking via email and SMS. Make it unique by adding custom message to each and every invite.

One click marketing of your business, automatically!

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required.