5 Reasons to ask your customers for reviews

Opinions or reviews are one of the most powerful tools in the digital world. They are a sign of approval from your customers to other customers and help new visitors make a positive opinion about your business.

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This simple act of asking an opinion about your business can have such a dramatic effect on your business growth.

These are 5 main reasons why these are so important

1. Make an impact with reviews about your services. The more opinions you can show about your business, the more opportunities you´ll have to convert your visitors into clients.

2. Convey trust by asking for reviews, customers feel safer that you are not worried about bad news and are always working towards providing a great experience to those visiting you.

3. Build and grow your customers’ relations, show them how important their opinion is to you. They will value your care and reward you with more visits.

4. Provide a better service. Use your customers´ feedback to identify the areas you can improve. Incorporate their opinions to understand better what they want from your business

5. Reach success quickly.  Many systems make it easy for you, incorporate a review as part of business. You can receive regular reports and updates of the opinions left by your clients, automatically.

Hakema.io automatically collects ratings and reviews from your customers.

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required. No fixed term contract.

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