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Booking & Scheduling

Nothing is more Productive than customer bookings made and managed without stress, from anywhere, anytime 24x7.

Online bookings 24×7

Hakema customers get their bookings online 65% of the time and 36% of that during off-park hours. With Hakema, customers can book from website, Facebook business page, mobile or tablet. Get email and SMS notification  of bookings. Customers get immediate confirmations and timely reminders via email & SMS . When they call by phone, one can easily add their booking or change their existing one.

Easy & flexible scheduling

Easy time management: Enjoy easy and flexible scheduling, as you will have lots of free time because our services will be handling the stressful part of the business. Add short or long breaks for every staff, in case of sick leave or any other needs.

Drag and Drop: Changing an existing booking is easy with our simple drag-n-drop. Customers are notified immediately of changes.


Adjust and control how much time in advance customers can book an appointment. Define and communicate cancellation policy, set preparation time and lots more.

At those peak hours when bookings needs to be confirmed automatically and sometimes when you want to control confirmation of bookings manually, it all up to you! Hakema makes it super easy to flip between both modes.

Integrate & Synchronise

Perfectly mesh and integrate your existing calendar on any platforms. Our calendar synchronizes and Integrate into your Mac, Outlook, Google calendars. You can integrate a booking button on your website, blog or Facebook business page.

Booking Numbers

Clearly see number of confirmed, cancelled and no-show bookings for last 6 months and notice the trend.

Booking Revenue

See and assess your total sales from online bookings for that present Day, last 7 days, 30 days or last several months as graphs.

You’re one click away from getting more bookings

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