Customer Feedback & Reviews

Collect customer feedback and reviews automatically

Listen to your customers and attract new ones with great reviews

Automatic Collection

It is a challenging and mentally tough task to manually ask the customers to rate your service and give feedback. We automate it for you.

Customer Comments

It is much more useful when a customer provides comments in addition to a rating. makes it easy and also sends a copy of customer feedback with their contact details.

Review Dashboard

See summary of feedback inside your dashboard including detailed feed of all reviews. Share on your social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and attract more customers.

Take Pride

It is great to get good reviews but even more important is to make them visible. shows a number and average ratings to your customers when they try to make a booking with you, creating even better trust for your business.

You’re one click away from getting great feedback for your business

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required. No fixed term contract.

The system has received many thanks from my customers because it’s so easy to use. Now the majority of them book online. Also my workload is lighter, because I don’t have to rush to the phone so many times while serving a customer!
EricaOwner, ChopShop