Hakema for dummies – Why do we do what we do

Are you one of those people who get frustrated when businesses are sleeping and you are not? Then this is for you!

hakema-for-dummiesOn our website and in our recent press release we talked about transforming online marketplaces and internet yellow pages. What does this jargon really mean? Let me tell you in a simpler way!

What we really care is that when you are checking an online advertisement, you get your things done. Let’s take an example. You are checking online ads for cars. When do you check these ads? Are you checking them during the day? I doubt. If you are like me, a very busy person with a family, I bet you wait for the kids to sleep before you go online and start browsing.

Now you have seen and got interested in few of those cars or whatever you were searching. All you can do during the evening or night is just send email stating that you would like to see this beautiful Porsche asap and hope for the best!

This is not how I would like to do it. Being a busy person, who is quite active online during late evenings and nights, I prefer to take care of my stuff immediately.  I would like to book a time to see the car or request the seller to call me back at a time which is suitable for me (and hopefully for the seller, too).

Let me take another example. As usual, being busy I forget my haircut and it is a last minute thing. Now since the last 9 days I have been trying to find a suitable time for barbers in nearby places. I checked a local online yellow page and found ads for couple of them within walking distance from my work and home.  Now I face some issues again. I need to call them during the time I am either having meetings or really trying to get some work done. I usually forget. Does that happen to you too?  I wish there was some way to check quickly when I can come for a haircut, right from any business listing. This is how I would like things to be.

So you see my problems and maybe share some of them. That is the reason we decided to create Hakema, with a mission to transform online classifieds and internet yellow pages, from being passive information pages to interactive ones. I hope you will follow us in our mission.

Good night now – I hope I will find time to call for my haircut tomorrow.


Co-Founder & CEO

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