Hakema Release Notes For Version 7.9

Hakema Release Notes – Here are the key New Features, Improvements and bug fixes in this release

New Features

Hakema.io comes with a Free Business Page where your customers can book your services. With this release, we have added support for multiple-laguages to this page.  So if a customer is not comfortable booking in the one language, they can select another one and make their booking and have an overall better experience. (see image)

Free Business Page With Multiple Languages

As a business using Hakema, you can also see the admin section in different languages. This will not affect your default language for your account. (see image)

Hakema.io provides a powerful solution for businesses with multiple locations. We have improved the booking widget for such business. Now for each location on the booking widget (see image), in addtion to location and reviews, it will also also show any ongoing discounts. This will help your customers to see if you have any discount and possiblity to take advantage of it. See demo here.

Hakema Release Notes - Customer can see active discount before making a booking
Customer can unsubscribe themselves

Hakema leads the way when it coming to creating and sharing promotions. In May 2019 after GDPR we already implemented restrictions for sending email and SMS messages to your customer database based on their permissions. Now, we have enabled your customers to automatically unsubscribe from such email messages using the unsubscrition link so there is less manual work for you.


Loading of Customer Register
Hakema Release Notes - Notifications can be loaded faster

We have made significant improvements for speed so the platform works faster. For e.g. for a business with more than 500 customers in the customer DB, it took a lot of time to load the customer page and notifications. Now it take only a fraction of a second.

It is now also possible to serach your customers using their mobile number, in additon to their name and email address.

Hakema Release Notes - Search Customer by Phone no

Bug Fixes

A bug was found where when a business creates a promotion and sends it to its customers via email, the email had the new discounted price but it was missing the original price of the service. Now this has been fixed and your customers can see original as well as discounted prices and be more motivated to take advantage of the promotion.

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