How to create promotions in mobile version of Hakema

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Here we will show how to create promotions in the mobile version of

Hakema offers two different kinds of user experiences for our business customers, one for web application and anther using mobile. This post will provides a short descritption on how to add promotions or discounts using the mobile version.

New Feature: Create Promotions in Mobile Version

We have now introducted promotion/discount and offer creation ability in the mobile version of Hakema. This will allow you to create promotions on the go for e.g. if you see the customer flow is weak and many time slots are not booked for next few day, it might be time to create and share an instant promotion. Here is what you need to do.

  • Open Hakema login link in your mobile
  • Login to your Hakema account
  • Click on Create Promotion
  • Select a service for which you want to create a promotion for
  • Select the New price i.e. discounted price for service
  • Select Start and End dates for the promotion
  • Select any specific days and time slots promotion is valid.
  • Press confirm and your promotion is ready to share to your customers via Email, SMS and Social Media.

(Read more about marketing and promotion capabilites here).

How to create promotions or discounts using Hakema mobile version
How to create promotions or discounts using Hakema mobile version


Hakema offers a special widget for businesses with multiple-locations. This allows the users to select a location to make a booking.

We have now tidied up a user interface of this wdget and have added location icon to mark the address more clearly.

Hakema multi location booking widget

Customers are using Facebook Business page as their website. We have now increased the size of website field upto 150 characters to accomodate long URLs the website.

Businesses can use a longer URL as their web address including Facebook Business Page URL

Hakema Facebook Application has been tweaked so that booking is much more clearly visible and aligned to to top and makes it eaier for users to book.

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