Why do I feel cheated by Deal sites?

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This blog post is for those who love great deals. It seems like a good idea to get discounts of 50% or more. However, here is an incident that may have you thinking otherwise. Perhaps you have experienced something like this too. Enjoy the story!

Most of us love deals. Why pay full price when you can get something for less!  Businesses are lured by these deal sites to get new customers as well. As a deal consumer, for e.g. a haircut for myself or my wife, it is a simple way for us to save money! However, something happened during this process that resulted in this blog post.

I found a great deal for my wife for her regular haircut. She was happily surprised. Now, she thought of getting her hair done the next week. It took several phone calls before the salon lady called her back. She was excited but her excitement turned to disappointment when she was told that there were no times available for the next 6 weeks. Bummer!

We felt cheated, but since the money was already paid, we couldn’t do much.

Being a technical guy, and in the scheduling business, I wondered why these deal websites couldn’t also convey when these deals are “actually available” so buyers can make a better decision at the time of buying, and not feel cheated and frustrated like we did.

I imagined an easy way to deal with this issue. A simple “Check availability and book” button on the deal page. Alternatively, a deal purchase confirmation email could include a link to a booking service.

My wife finally got an appointment for a hair cut in the 7th week. She has not been happy for the last 6 weeks because of it, but she tolerated my gift to her. I admire her patience.

Let me know if you have had similar or related experiences.

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