New feature: Real-estate buyers can suggest a time for a private viewing

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We just released a new handy feature available to all our users Рreal-estate buyers can now suggest a time for a private viewing.If the seller has not made any times available for buyers to book, or there is only an open house available, buyers can now make a suggestion to see the listing privately. This allows interested buyers to see the place before everyone else. For sellers it provides an ease of mind when they know a buyer is really interested  The seller can also simply confirm the time or reschedule the time if it does not fit his/her schedule.

This feature is also useful for those who simply cannot make to an open house.

This is how it works – Step-by-step

1. Buyer finds the calendar on the item page

2. When calendar is empty, the calendar switches to suggest time-mode.

Buyer-POPUP-Suggest-time-CONTACTD Buyer-POPUP-Suggest-time-TIME Buyer-POPUP-Suggest-time-DATE Buyer-POPUP-Suggest-time Buyer-popup-suggest-time-confirm Buyer-popup-suggest-time-select-time Buyer-popup-suggest-time-select-dayBuyer-popup-suggest-time-with-arrow Avaa-esittelykalenteri-with-arrow


3. Fills in suitable date and time


4. Fills in their details and sends.


5. Seller receives email and SMS notification that buyer would like to view the listing at suggested time.

And that’s it. Check more at Appointment Planner page.

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