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Competition in the service industry is growing each day! Today, businesses need to be on their toes to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Businesses need to understand that their competitors are constantly trying to lure their customers away, offering them discounts, offers and gifts. Customer retention has become as critical as customer acquisition to increase your business revenue. But, is spending more money the only way of getting more customers? Probably not! You can improve your business revenue by increasing your revenue from existing customers. Try this strategy for your business and see how it transforms your total revenue and profit.

So how can a business increase its revenue from its existing customers? Well, it’s quite simple. When the customers visit your outlet for a service, offer them more services in the same visit. When you offer add-on services at attractive prices, there is a higher chance of customers taking up your offer. Make sure the services you offer are related to or compliment the service your customer is already taking. But do, you think, managing and keeping track of multiple service bookings can be difficult? Well, Hakema makes it as efficient as possible. When you use software for your business, it becomes easy to engage and retain customers. Use of software for managing your bookings and appointments is one of the best ways to ease your work. When you are a service sector business, make sure you opt for software designed for service sector only.

How Hakema Gives an Edge to your Business?

Are you losing money on your bookings? Don’t worry! is here to assist you. It is not just software designed for service industry; it is a powerful tool to generate more sales for service based businesses. Our analysis has shown that 13 percent of the total bookings done with Hakema are multiple service bookings. Thus, average income per booking is 1.8 times higher.

With Hakema, your service offering business can –

  • Create Promotions on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to attract customers.
  • Give customers convenience to do booking online 24*7
  • Allow bookings to be done via web, mobile and Facebook
  • Automate review and feedback from customers after service
  • Adopt strategies like automated reminders to retain existing customers
  • Manage customer details as all customer information is available at a single place
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Here is an example of how Hakema makes a difference –
Assume that there are 100 bookings for your business in a month and each booking worth 50€.

With Hakema, 13 of these bookings will be multi-service bookings. So earning from each booking is 1.8 times the original booking.

Total Earning without multiple-services = 100 x 50€ = 5000€
Total Earning with multiple-services = 50 * (13 x 1.8 + 87) = 5520€
Difference in Income = 5520 – 5000 = 520€

It translates into 10.5% more income.

By adopting the right kind of marketing and booking process for your business, it is possible to maximize your earnings. Get Hakema for your service based business today!


Best way to manage and market your services

Try Hakema today

Free 30 day trial with all features. No credit card required. No fixed term contract.

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