How to use Google My Business to get more bookings

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You may or may not have noticed but Google has been adding a lot of things to their free business profile known as Google My Business.

The good news is Google is giving these things for free so that users searching for businesses can find more accurate and up-to-date information.  It is time for you to take advantage of your free business profile on Google and get more clicks and bookings. Let me show you how you can do that.

The first and most important thing you need to check is your business name. Google might have scraped this information, but it may not be the same as your marketing name. For e.g. your official business name might be Pekka Salo Oy as scrapped by Google, but your business marketing name, the one your customers know, could be Barber Supercut. So make sure that your business name is correct. 

Here is how you edit your business information.

  1. Log in using this URL:
  2. Once you pick the Google account, you will be taken to the Dashboard. 

Google My Business

Go to the section called Info. Here you can check many things. Click on edit pencils if you need to change something.

  • Business Name and Category –  Make sure it is the same as known to your customers.

  • Location, Service area & Working hours

Google My Business - Map, Service Area and Opening Hours

It is important that your business location and working hours are correct. Your location information is used in Google Maps and your business location is shown accordingly. Your opening hours are also used by Google Maps to show if your business is open or closed.


  • Contact number, Website & Appointment link

Google My Business - Phone no, Website and Appointment links

Here is the most important information. Customers check and use this information a lot more than you imagine.

You might notice that there is a new field called “Appointment links”. Enter your booking link, for e.g. booking page so that your customers can directly book your services.



Here is the final result. 

Google My Business free business profile

So with some simple changes, you can make your free business profile shine and get more customers to visit your website and book your services directly.

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