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So what´s is email marketing anyway?

We could spend hours talking about what is email marketing or you could look at the many definitions available, but to make it short, let’s agree that email marketing is that part of your digital marketing strategy aimed and engaging with your customers by sending/receiving communications via email. Simple uh?

Of course, it’s simple, everyone can use it and there are tons of free tools available to you. The trick is to do it right, to make beneficial, not only for you, but also for your clients, and that is not that simple.

Is not complicated, you just simply need to have a defined strategy and follow it, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions and allow your users to sign off from your distribution list easily.
  • Plan ahead. Have a clear editorial plan, think about what you want to say, then decide when the best time to write about it is.
  • Be consistent, send your emails always the same day of the week, at the same time, etc.
  • Take care of your designs, do change it every single time, and look for the formats/colors that best represent your business.
  • Don’t simply make pure advertising. It’s ok to remind them you are open for business and dedicate some of the space to allow your user to get in contact with you or make a reservation.
  • Remember an email is a personal communication, from you to your client, write to them the same way you’ll write another person, don’t simply “cut and paste” information from your website.

How will email marketing help my business?

If you have followed the recommendations above, in no time you will gain a base of regular readers/followers creating a community of loyal fans who want to know about you and your business.

Give these followers preferential treatment. Are you going to run any promotion soon? Do you have new services coming to your shop? Let them feel special, allow them to be the first ones to enjoy them, they will appreciate it and reward you with more business.

Provide valuable content. Share with them those industry tricks they would like to know and can use at home, your reputation will growth and they will be happy to share that info among their friends.

Traffic to your site will increase. If you have a list of customers you send valuable emails regularly, these people will not only visit your site more often, they will have a better opinion about your business, which will turn into recommendations and more visits to your site.

Remember, more visitors = more clients! Let’s not get fuzzy with the numbers, but a simple arithmetic can be applied here. Let’s say you have 1.000 subscribers you email regularly every week, and your conversion rate is 1% (that is 1% of those clients on your email list will buy some of your service as a result of your efforts of being in touch with them, (1.000 users x 1% x 4 times a month) you have won yourself a whopping 40 new sales in a month, that is all by yourself, without investing in expensive advertising or anything like that.

Are you really going to miss the opportunity of getting more business simply by not following these simple rules? I don’t think so, this is one of the most profitable areas of digital marketing. So go for it, get started and do not worry about getting everything right from the beginning, with some little practice you will succeed.

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