Hakema’s founder Ajay Garg featured in Helsinki city magazine

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We are honoured that the City of Helsinki decided to publish a story about Hakema’s co-founder Ajay Garg. We would like to thank the writer Päivi Arvonen. The article is in Finnish but if you don’t understand it don’t panic, here is a quick summary.

hakema founder in Helsinki City MagazineA family guy with wife and two kids, Ajay praises Finnish peace and punctual public transportation system. Originally from India, Ajay’s life has been shaped by living and working in the United States, UK, the Netherlands and France, where he met his Finnish wife. He has finally made Finland his home, and guess what, now he cannot survive a week without sauna. It seems Finnish habits are growing on him!

Ajay believes that the language is the biggest problem for foreigners in Finland and starting a company without Finnish skills can be quite difficult. Even so, Ajay encourages everyone to learn it, because “understanding a language helps understanding people’s mentality and culture”.

Coldness has not been a problem for Ajay but the absence of light is another thing. Born in a sunny and warm place, you can imagine Finland is not the easiest country to adapt to. Winter sports nevertheless help to cope with the long winter. Though missing India at times, Ajay values the silence and extra-space of Finland, something you cannot find in India.

You can read the original at http://www.hel.fi/static/liitteet/kanslia/helsinki-info/arkisto/2013/Supplement/4_13/indian.html

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