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Dear All,

Nowadays most of us are used to “blogs”, another way of expressing opinions, challenges, feelings and everything in between.

Our team was so busy creating interesting solutions and talking to customers that until we hired Bingo, we did not have enough time to share our thoughts using this channel.

Now we got a chance to tell you the story of Hakema. How and why did Hakema start?  What did we develop and why? How did we get our first customer?  What kind of feedback are we getting from our users? And so on.

We will do our best to bring some interesting and sometimes not-so-relevant discussions to you.

So folks, all you have to do is listen and tell us what you think. You can shout, drag or whatever you feel like doing! We encourage participation in all forms. 🙂

For Hakema Team
Ajay Garg
Co-Founder & CEO

Hakema News
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