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We believe small businesses do not have the sophistication of intuitive loyalty marketing tools as enjoyed by bigger companies. Combined with our vision and discussion with our Hakema Connect users, we recently launched version 1.0 of loyalty marketing i.e. “Automated Marketing Followups”.

What it does

It allows service businesses to convert current customers to recurring ones by automatically sending them a well-timed reminder to book their next appointment. We believe that these businesses do not have the time and skills to do these small tasks, which are otherwise important for them. This is why we automated it for them.

Our service sends a predefined message after a certain time has passed since the actual customers last visited a business. The message is only sent once  after a certain time has elapsed after the previous booking.

How to use it



In your admin dashboard,  go to “Marketing” and then to “Followups” to edit both the time and the message you wish to send. (By default the time is 4 weeks.)

You can write a nice warm message within 160 characters limit so that SMS are short and crisp. We suggest that you include the web address to your booking page to enable customer to book a time straight from the link in the SMS.

Email Text

Note: The messaging is set off by default. You can turn it on to send your message. You can also customise the message and send it.


This is a one time work and the result is that your users will get timely email and come back to you to book your services.

This is a nice way of staying in touch with them and make them feel how much you care. See an example Email template here.

Email Text
Automated Marketing Reminder Email example


Ask us or talk to us for any questions you may have.

Check We are happy to help. Email us: hello (at) hakema (dot) io.

Start a free 30 day trial of Hakema with all features. No strings attached. No credit card required.

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